Planned Giving Series 2011

FREE for Professional Advisors, their Clients, Non-Profit Leaders and for the Community…

Presented by the Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation, in cooperation with the Allegan County Community Foundation, Allegan County United Way, Perrigo Foundation, and Wings of Hope Hospice.

When: August 31, September 23, November 15
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (Lunch served)
Where: Michigan Room, Ascension Borgess Allegan Hospital, 555 Linn Street, Allegan, Michigan

“The Planned Giving Story in Three Exciting Episodes…”
Our second year of exploring this exciting range of opportunities for philanthropy.

Wednesday, August 31
Planned Giving Simplified, The “Why’s” and “How’s”;
And Defining Your Legacy
Danielle Streed, Theresa Bray (Allegan County Community Foundation), Rob Marciniak (Edward Jones)

Friday, September 23
What if you were Bill Gates? How would you transform our community?
The Undiscovered Philanthropist In You: “Running the Numbers”
Permanent Endowments and How They Work
Non-Profit Organizations: First Steps to Take for Sustainable Planned Giving
Transformative Charitable Giving Within Your Estate Plan
Danielle Streed, Theresa Bray (Allegan County Community Foundation), Brent Larson (Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation), Stephen McKown (Orton Tooman, Hale, McKown & Kiel, PC)

Tuesday, November 15
Putting It All Together for Good
Legacies Upon Which We Can Build
Danielle Streed, Steven Tibbitts (Tibbitts Financial Consulting)

Please RSVP (one session at a time, for two, or for all three) to Brent Larson, Executive Director, Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation, via email at, or via phone at (269) 686-4234.


Planting Seeds for a Powerful Impact, One Estate Plan at a Time

You hear about them quite often, gifts that create a stir because they can have sucha profound impact on a charitable organization that is near and dear to a donor. Newprograms, new buildings, new initiatives, and many other ways that a neighborhood, acommunity, or even the world are made better because of someone’s vision, their passion,and their determination to make a difference through their resources.

Some of the most impactful of these gifts happen through planned giving – a will, abequest, or through some other form of benevolence. Generally, they are gifts of assets,rather than of income. Often these gifts are deferred, but sometimes they occur in thepresent or near future. Charitable giving has tax advantages that can be very useful andattractive, but often the benefits through the changes that occur are much more dramatic.

Planned gifts can be powerful. They allow a donor to leave their mark, and to demonstrateto future generations the incredible richness of one person’s generosity. They show thelife-changing difference that can occur through a chorus of gifts, given with the promiseof a much better future for those that follow us as both stewards and residents of ourcommunity, our region, and our world.

Come learn about how some people have made important differences, and how theirexamples can be followed through tools that range from the very simple to the sometimescomplex. Learn about how to formulate plans, dream dreams, and then take tangiblesteps to make them a reality, with powerful results that can last many lifetimes to come.Whether the focus is on your own plans, or those of someone for whom you have theprivilege of providing counsel, the information shared in these sessions can be beneficial and actionable now and far into the future.

About Our Expert Presenter

Danielle Streed is an attorney serving clients throughout southwest Michigan, Danielle joined the firm of Redmond & Redmond (now Redmond, Streed & Yokom) in 2001. She is a Colorado native, but came to Michigan in 1988 to attend the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law. Danielle has been practicing in Southwest Michigan since 1991. She focuses her practice in the area of Probate and Estate Administration, Medicaid Planning, Charitable Giving and Estate Planning, which includes the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Medical Advocates. A frequent presenter on the topic of estate planning, she has authored several estate planning articles. Danielle is a member of the Michigan Bar Association. She can be heard Tuesday mornings, 7:55 a.m. on WKZO 590 Radio for “Your Estate Matters,” a weekly feature about estate planning and charitable giving.

We are delighted to feature additional expert presenters as part of this three-part series, including Steven Tibbitts (Tibbitts Financial Consulting); Stephen McKown (Orton, Tooman, Hale, McKown & Kiel, P.C.); Theresa Bray (Allegan County Community Foundation); and Brent Larson (Ascension Borgess Allegan Foundation).



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