Spring Scholarship Winners Announced

Scholarships Awarded in Spring Round to High School Students and Allegan Healthcare Group Team Members:

High School: Shelby Herpst and Emily Davis (Allegan); Catherine Koch (Plainwell); Heather Boeve and J. Pierce Velderman (Hamilton).

Employees: Margaret Brown (Nursing); Angela Christine Hosek-Wilson (Surgery); Rick Garlick (Wound Healing Center); Kim Hancox (APHS); Kathy Chapman (Wound Healing Center, first Debra Rae Daniels Memorial Scholarship Fund Award); Betty Clendenin (Marie Hall Nursing Scholarship Fund); and Amanda DeRooy (Critical Care). The scholarship awards for employees are coordinated with the tuition reimbursement program in an effort through both programs to help as many people as possible achieve their educational goals. Total scholarships awarded in this round is $11,000. Deadline for applications for the Fall round is October 20.

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